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Build Your Brand Dream Team: Just Do It.

nike for post

Who’s on your Brand Dream Team?  The Brand Dream Team are the horsemen of your brand. The brand name, the logo, the two together, and a slogan are the foundation of a strong brand dream team.  These are the messengers everything your brand does, says, sells and markets.  JUST DO IT  is  synonymous with Nike and is a perfect example of how to build a brand effectively.  Not only is the tag line instantly recognizable, but the “swoosh” logo is instantly associated with the Nike brand.

A slogan can be considered the “brand driver,”  the  message underlying the brand’s core values.  Another great example is TOMS shoes, “One for One,”  or Burger King’s “Have it Your Way.”

It is important to remember that strong brands such as this do not occur overnight.  There is significant due diligence and planning that is required to create a solid, well thought out brand.  Building a great brand with strong trademarks starts with selection. When engaged in the process of selection, don’t limit thinking to words alone. Choose the word or words, and then create a symbol capable of achieving recognition. Visualize each being used alone, as well as together, with the consumers developing recognition of all three. Add in a great slogan, and your company will be on the path to building a great brand.

The artistic and textual “dream team” you select to represent your product or service in the market is a word or words, a design or symbol, a “composite” of the two, and for many, a great slogan.

Nike, the famous “swoosh,” alone or together with the “just do it” slogan, offers a perfect example. Nike the brand can remove its name from advertising, yet we the consumer still recognize the source when we see only the logo.  The same is true of its now famous slogan. However, this brand value didn’t happen without reflection during selection, and a plan for protection. It required vision and forethought, together with excellent execution, namely delivery to the public of the promises their dream team symbolizes.

How’s your team shaping up for the race?

By Cheryl L. Hodgson